The Shallows

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Starring: Blake Lively

If Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively ever split up and people have to compare each of their solo film features (Ryan Reynolds with the 2010 ‘Buried’ and Blake Lively with ‘The Shallows’) then it would probably mirror ┬áthe outcome of the Timberlake/Spears subtweet song releases aimed at one another (Timberlake with ‘Cry Me A River’ and Spears with ‘Everytime’). One piece did fantastically well, the other failed miserably.


Unfortunately for Blake Lively, she would falls into the latter, so someone should tell her to take a seat next to Britney on the subs bench.

The first half of the film is essentially Blake Lively starring in a Paco Rabanne advert. Purposefully placed camera angles show a lot of flesh and there isn’t really a lot else going on with the plotline. To be fair to Blake Lively, she plays the role of a young, gorgeous beach goer well… But that is who she is…

If i’m also trying to be fair to the producers/directors/writers/janitors who worked on The Shallows then i’d say that at least it’s got a very unique take on the shark film genre (think ‘The Reef’ but much nearer to land). The whole film is essentially Blake Lively stuck on a rock out at sea, trying to figure out how the hell she is going to get back to land without ending up in the belly of a shark.

The film does try to stir up your pot of emotion a little bit, the whole reason she is surfing in the first place is because she finds a beach that her late mother once visited when she was a young ‘un. Lively’s character became sort of a runaway after her mother’s death, as she tried to come to terms with this new reality.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a film that’s safe to watch with anyone who doesn’t have a phobia of sharks (or people who do, could be hilarious), if you think Blake Lively is a goddess or you just really love shark films then go ahead and give The Shallows a go.

If you’re more uptight with your filmography and you only want to watch the next ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ then maybe you should look elsewhere for a film to use as a temporary piece of entertainment.

Can you watch this film with family without getting embarrassed? Yes.

Is it too scary? I doubt it.

Will it make you jump? Sometimes.

Will the acting and/or directing be so bad you want to claw your eyes out? No, it looks and feels like a high end film. Shark’s capabilities can be dubiously overstretched at times however.