Don’t Breathe

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Starring: Stephen Lang (Avatar), Jane Levy (Suburgatory), Dylan Minnette (Prisoners), Daniel Zovatto (It follows)

This film is about three teenagers who conduct low level house robberies in order to pull enough money together to escape from the town they live in. One day,they get informed that an old blind man, who lives in their town, is sitting on a huge wad of cash that he won in a court settlement. The three robbers smell freedom coming from within the walls of this old man’s house and they decide that if they can pull off this last robbery then they can get out their town for good.


What starts off as a routine robbery for the three swindlers mutates into something that none of them, or anyone, would have expected. Before the robbers know it, the tables have turned and it’s them who have to desperately find a way to escape the blind man’s house, in the dark.

The film makes you jump out of your seat almost constantly, it’s draining, but in the best possible way. It’s not going to give you nightmares (unless jacked up old people is the kind of thing that keeps you up at night) but it will make you think again if stealing for cash is something you were considering as a possible career move. Don’t know why I felt the need to say that, as if jail isn’t a deterrent enough already, but hey, here’s another reason not to do it; some blind psychopath could try to kill you!


You’ll gasp, you’ll wriggle about with anxiety but please for the love of God don’t put your hands across your face, you really can’t afford to miss a single second of this film. As weird as it sounds to say it’s just amazingly fun to watch. It doesn’t feel like you’ve just been gormlessly sitting in front of a screen for 2 hours, it feels like you’ve actually been interacting with/doing something. It’s great to be able to go watch a horror film that isn’t designed to give you long-term fear of a character’s likeness, but instead is just there to allow you to enjoy the madness it’s showcasing to you.


In all my life I have never been so overly animated whilst watching a film. If I wasn’t nervously fidgeting in my seat then I was whispering (I was in a cinema) at the main characters to shut up so they wouldn’t get themselves killed. Don’t Breathe was a film that already had raving reviews from just about every film reviewer on the planet. Usually when this happens the film has already become too built up, so when you go and watch the film yourself you’re left feeling pretty underwhelmed because you were expecting something to literally blow you out your seat. This was not the case with Don’t Breathe, not even close.


This film is one of those extremely rare times when absolutely everything comes together perfectly, if it was an orchestra with all the parts coming together, this film would be playing Beethoven. The acting, the sound, the timing of scares, how the film links itself together, it just works.

Will it make you jump?

About every 5 seconds

Can I watch this film with family?

Not that horrors are usual family favourites but no it’s not completely family-embarassing-safe. It depends how much you care, but it’s manageable I guess.

Has it got an easily predictable storyline?


How good actually is it?

Incredible enough to be a timeless horror classic…

Don’t Breathe


Film review of the movie Don’t Breathe
Rating: 4