The Basketball Diaries

basketball diaries poster

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STARS: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg

Basketball Diaries will forever be one of my favourite films to recommend people go watch. I honestly have no idea why this film is not raved about more nor do I know why it isn’t regarded as a timeless classic that people from all generations know about! Obviously it’s not been entirely forgotten, I just wonder why it hasn’t heralded as legendary among film giants.

Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo Dicaprio

Basketball Diaries is about a team of student basketball players that get torn apart by Heroin. Each student shows a bucket load of talent in the game, however, their more rebellious teenage personalities stunt them from achieving whatever greatness they were lined up for. They get willingly thrown into a world of petty crime and they become what every parent warns you against when they tell you to stay in school or else… or else this, this is literally what they mean… probably.


Quite a little summary there but that’s basically the most underlying theme that i can give you without going too far into the film; A couple of young lives that get thrown into the grungy world of heroin addiction. You’ll cry and you’ll spend most of the film with your jaw on the floor and quite possibly you’ll finish the film and never be the same again. There’s nothing I can say bad about this film and I’m the kind of guy who always, always, always tries to nit-pick what’s stupid or wrong in films. Leonardo had acting downnnn when he was a kid too, he is honestly amazing in this film and he has to do pretty much every emotion.

Leonardo Dicaprio crying

The film is pretty full-on. It’s actually a true story as well so that makes it even more mind-blowing. It’s not a film you can watch unless you’re 100% focused on it. So if you’re gonna watch it then sit down, buckle up and put your phone on silent. The film can get pretty messed up, just an FYI there… This is easily one of the most powerful and stunning films I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t think straight for at least an hour after watching it.

DiCaprio with bloody face

It barely needs saying now that Leonardo DiCaprio is phenomenally mind-blowing in a role, as he seems to absolutely nail every part he is given, and Basketball Diaries is no exception. This film came 2 years after “What’s eating Gilbert Graape”, another Leonardo film, where he excelled in the role so astronomically as a special needs child that when he turned up on the red carpet, other celebrities were shocked to learn he wasn’t actually mentally challenged in real life.

Leonardo DiCaprio head in hands

If you’re looking for something that leans more on the intense side of the film scale then this should be your number one film to watch. Oh, and if you want to see Mark Wahlberg as a kid too then that’s another reason to watch this film!

DiCaprio tells lady to shut up

Safe to watch with parents?

No, I wouldn’t say so.

What’s it going to do to me?

You’ll hopefully finish the film and just kind of sit there stunned, like damn… that was pretty powerful… basically you should feel the need to sit down even though that’s all you’ve been doing for the past 2 hours.