Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates

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Starring: Zac Efron (High School Musical), Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect), Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation)

Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates is about two party animal brothers (Zac Efron and Adam Devine) who get scolded by their parents due to their disruptive behaviour at every family event they go to. The scolding occurs as the family’s youngest daughter ‘Jeanie’ is about to get married and the proud parents don’t want the event ruined by the brother’s typical antics. Both brothers are told that in order to come to the wedding they have to each bring a respectable girl with them, emphasis on respectable!

zac efron and dave dance

They write an ad online explaining how they need wedding dates and in exchange, they can pay for the girls’ trip to Hawaii, where the wedding is. This cry for help ends up going viral, even getting the brothers a spot on a talk show. Cue Kendrick and Plaza’s characters, two waitresses who end up getting fired from their jobs for always being drunk and rowdy (remember when I tried to emphasise that the brothers were looking for respectable girls…?). The party girls see the talk show episode which features the two brothers and they immediately decide that no other girl is getting that trip to Hawaii other than them! That’s as much as I’m gonna say.

zac efron and Devine fistbump

Zac Efron has gone down the same route that James Franco embarked upon a few years ago. They both looked like they were going to be committed to a movie world where they’d always play the good looking main character in serious action movies, having girls swooning over their brooding poses on screen. But of course, that is completely wrong. James Franco met the love of his life in Seth Rogan and they both now sit around smoking weed and making films like Pineapple Express, The Dictator and others.

plaza and kendricks on quad bikes

Zac Efron now seems pretty content to earn his millions by larking around in comedies on screen, and why wouldn’t you be! He’s living the Franco dream, herding in cash cows in the form of hilarious comedies.  Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates is one of those films and it’s brilliant. It’s utterly stupid but it knows it. It’s one of those movies where you know filming probably took double as long as it should have done because the entire cast was likely ad-libbing the whole movie and cracking up at every take. Zac Efron holds up damn well as a comedian next to humour heavyweights Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine. Though they’re all very young, they all have great track records in comedy films already and Zac needed no handicap.

mike and dave need wedding dates

Anyway, enough of my jealousy at how Efron can make a living nowadays. Sooooo, why should you watch this film? Is it really gonna have you rolling around on the floor laughing (ROTFL right?..) will it disappoint your date to the point she judges your sense of humour and refuses to “come see your room”.

Can you watch it with parents?

  • There’s a bit of nudity but yea you pretty much can.

Who would find this funny?

  • If you want a typical comedy and you like the actors then yea you should have a laugh unless you’re a bit of a bore. It’s better than the average comedy.

Do I get to see Zac Efron get to take his shirt off?

  • Has he ever starred in a film where he hasn’t…

Is it a ridiculous, over the top comedy or a subtle comedy?

  • I guess somewhere in between, probably leaning more towards ridiculous.