The Notebook

ryan gosling and rachel mcadams in the notebook

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Stars: Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling

Sooo the storyline just by itself is seriously cliche: a young poor boy falls in love with a far more wealthy girl, who in turn falls in love with him, the ruffian. Every-one swoons, what a love story that’s come to fruition!! Well no…
It is of course not that easy. Their love is broken down to dust due to their different social positions (another reason to hate society I hear you say, well… ok…) and the girl’s traditional parents. The boy (Ryan Gosling) is shipped off to fight in the World War while the girl (Rachel McAdams) enlists as an army nurse. As you are aware, that war eventually ended, but was the love between these two characters…?

This film is gooood. Like really good. Like, if you don’t cry then you’re probably not human. Like.

Can you watch this with family?

Yea course you can.┬áIf you know your family won’t watch the latest James Bond or Transformers with you then this is a pretty safe bet for them to be happy with.

Great film to watch with your other half