Films Coming Out In March 2017

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This is a list of movies that are set to be released in cinemas across the United Kingdom during March 2017. We’ve put together a list of upcoming cinema releases which combines comedy, horror, fantasy and and all things action.

So here you go, take a quick look at the below movies coming out in March 2017 and grab your tickets to see them in cinemas before you end up hearing spoilers from your friends and family.

1. Logan

2. Kong: Skull Island

3. Beauty And The Beast

4. Power Rangers

5. Fist Fight

6. Get Out

7. Ghost In The Shell

8. Man Down

9. Life


Coming out 3rd March.

As if this film needs any introduction, or even any description to entice anyone into paying to see Wolverine back on the big screen. Hugh Jackman returns to play the invincible mutant with blades in his hands once more, but this movie promises to be unlike any previous appearance. The previous instant healing ability that Logan had in other films appears to have diminished as Logan bares scars on his war-torn body. Logan is in hiding along the Mexican border, where he is looking after a fading, and possibly dying, Charles Xavier, still being brilliantly played by Patrick Stewart. Logan’s life is turned upside down when he meets a young girl mutant, who appears to have exactly the same set of talents that he has.

Kong: Skull Island

Coming out 10th March.

This star-studded movie featuring the acting skills of Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, as well as many others, looks brilliantly gripping as another remake of the King Kong films. With graphic effects coming along as far as they have in recent years, this movie really could create a wholly fierce looking Kong gorilla, which by looking at the trailer, appears to be exactly what this film has created. Like with previous Kong films, this movie is about a group of soldiers and world explorers who travel to uncharted territory and find that their curiosity for lands unexplored may well just be the end of them.


Coming out 27th March.

Who in their right mind doesn’t love a space film. Everything outside of Earth is essentially a combination of absolute terror and utter amazement. Life is about a small group of astronauts who have been tasked with finding and intercepting a capsule that was sent to Mars. The capsule is the first one to ever make it to Mars and get back into human hands. The crew hope to discover life on Mars andd they succeed in this mission. However, the life they find might not be as friendly as they hope. The space crew, starring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and others, must stop this alien life-form from reaching Earth, where it could wipe out the entire human species. See, told you it would be cool.

Get Out

Coming out 17th March.

Well if creepy looking horror films are your cup of tea then ‘Get Out’ will be right up your street. A young black┬áman is being taken to visit his white girlfriend’s family for the first time out in the country (if you’re thinking why didn’t they just say ‘ non-specified race guy meets non-specified race girlfriend’s parents for the first time’ then please watch the trailer). Chris, the boyfriend in this horror film, notices that there is something suspicious going on with all the African American people in the area. Chris learns from his friend that this area of the country he is now in has a history of making black men disappear. This makes him become more and more unsettled and he becomes wary of his girlfriend’s parents and the other town folk. He begins to wonder what part they might have to play in the vanishings of the young black men in the past… and will he be next?

Beauty And The Beast

Coming out 17th March.

Everyone’s heard of the original Beauty And The Beast film shot in animation, but there’s now a real life shot remake for 2017. Starring Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gaston as well as other huge household names such as Ian McKellen and Ewan McGregor, this film looks set to match up to the hype that it has created. To give the world’s quickest summary of the story; a girl named Belle ends up meeting a Prince who is inflicted with a curse which turns him into a monstrous creature. Belle befriend’s the beast Prince’s staff, who are mainly talking pieces of furniture, and she and the beast learn to share affection for one another. This blossoming romance is threatened to be cut short by the local town folk who have heard of a beast that lives near their homes, and they attempt to go and kill him.

Power Rangers

Coming out 23rd March.

It’s morphin’ time. Power Rangers has come to the big screen and it’s time to shine is March 2017! This movie has got a lot to live up to and we hope it delivers because as much as some people might say that this is lame and Power Rangers aren’t cool, we all know deep down that they are. Five lucky teenage kids find a rock that starts to give them special powers like super human strength. They are trained in an underground ship to learn how to defend themselves and their planet from an invading evil that threatens to kill their loved ones. They have to work together to adapt to their new powers and save the world from destruction.

Fist Fight

Coming out 3rd March.

Fist Fight is a hilarious idea for a film. Fights in school happen all the time so why not make a film out of it, oh, no hang on, it’s not two students who are looking to throw some hands at each other, it’s the teachers. After an incident at school which causes one teacher, played by Charlie Day, to rat on another teacher, Ice Cube which subsequently causes him to lose his job, the fight is arranged. If you’re after an easy to watch comedy then this movie may be for you.

Ghost In The Shell

Coming out 31st March.

Sci-fi has made it onto the list, for anyone desperate to see a new science fiction film in March this is for you. Scarlett Johansson stars in this Japanese styled film that sees her working for the counter cyber-terrorist department. After being near fatally wounded in a mission, she is built as a cyborg which sees her gain powers not normal for human beings. In her latest mission she is tasked with defeating an enemy like she’s never seen before.

Man Down

Coming out 27th March.

Man Down is about a marine war vet who returns home from his deployment in Afghanistan to find that the country he once knew is now no different from the hell he has come from. Shia LaBeouf stars in this film as a man who is desperately trying to find his wife and son back in his battlefield home country. He partners with his best friend, who is a trigger happy soldier, and together they search everywhere they can. They eventually come across a man who holds vital information about the whereabouts of the marine’s family.