Passengers Film Review

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Passengers Film Review

Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Lawrence Fishburne

Passengers is a science fiction film set in the future. A spaceship has left Earth, never to come back, which is carrying thousands of people looking to start a new life on a distant planet called Homestead 2. The planet will take around 120 years to reach, so in order to ensure every passenger doesn’t die before they reach their destination, they are placed in sleep pods that halt the human body’s aging process and puts them into a deep sleep.

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The travel vessel, called The Avalon, spends years travelling through space’s unknown territory, going through asteroid fields and God knows what else! Eventually the adventure takes its toll on the spaceship and causes it to start to malfunction. One such malfunction happens to Chris Pratt’s sleep pod, causing him to wake up far before he’s supposed to, on a ship, totally alone, for roughly 90 years, meaning he will never see his new home.

passengers film sleeping pods

Chris Pratt is actually fantastic in this film. He’s great at making you, the viewer, feel sorry for him because he’s got this genuine puppy-dog eyes look on his face for parts of the film and you really feel for him, being in his predicament, with not a soul to keep him company. It was mentioned above that he was totally alone on the spaceship but that’s not ENTIRELY true as he does have the company of a robotic barman, played by Martin Sheen. So, naturally, Pratt spends a lot of his time at the bar getting white girl wasted and chatting to his mechanical friend.

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When Jennifer Lawrence joins the party by being awoken from her own sleep pod, a very cute romance story breaks out on The Avalon. Cute is weirdly exactly how to describe the romance. They have a pretty magical experience on this futuristic spaceship that was built to cater for thousands of people, which they have all to themselves. It would actually be very awkward if they didn’t have any chemistry as there would be literally not another soul they could talk to, but luckily they have a lab full of it.

passengers film the avalon ship

As with most films set in space, you go through the movie with a sense of wonder and amazement. The ship they are on is about as awesome as it gets. It’s full of ultra-modern/futuristic activities to keep them busy┬áplus it never runs out of alcohol!! You also get to view a whole load of magical space shots in this film.

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Overall, this is a ‘good’ film. It can’t be described as ‘great’ as it doesn’t grip you with tight hands from start to finish. It’s a pleasant film to watch; it’s acted brilliantly and the special effects are first-class but there’s something missing from it to really give you that emotional anchor that pulls you in and makes you invested in the movie, that something which makes you wayyy more invested than you really should be at watching moving objects on a screen. But that’s what gob-smacking films are all about… and Passengers doesn’t really give you those goosebumps.