This website was created as a response to many film websites seemingly not giving the everyday person simple and useful information to take away when reading a film review. More often that not, film reviews online feel like they’re being written purely so that the review author can express their own emotional and artistic depth.

That’s all well and good for that small segment of entertainment society they’re appealing to, however, some people really don’t care about how beautiful the level of foreshadowing is in a movie, and is everyone dying to hear about the scene 20 minutes into the film that may have been ’emblematic of the 17th century industrial revolution’.  Does the everyday person really need to know that a movie was saved by “themes of racial identity”? That certainly isn’t the sentence I would read and then go “oh heavens, themes of racial identity, I MUST see this film!!!”

So here at Film Universe, film reviews are kept simple, they will try to tell you how seeing the movie will make you feel and they aim to provide readers with direct information that they can take away and go “ok, now I know if I want to go see this movie.”


I hope you enjoy the website, please feel free to get in touch with me, i’m always about to answer any questions 🙂

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